After manifesting Susanoo into its stabilized perfect state, Ryun's Truth-Seeking Balls will respond in kind, enlarging in proportion to the size of the super-sized chakra construct. Afterwards, the orbs act the same as the standard technique, only on a far large scale. Ryun can also use his Susanoo as a medium to manipulate the shape of his Truth-Seeking Balls, allowing him to preform large-scale attacks.


Sasuke protects Team 7


  • Using the Balls as a medium, Ryun can launchYasaka Magatama with the disastrous effects of a Truth-Seeking Ball.[1]
  • Ryun can also shape the Balls into his Susanoo's weapons — the Tonbogiri and the Wanyūdō[1] — as well as other weapons, such as Susanoo's shuriken and 
    Sasuke protects Team 7
    massive pike.
    Sasuke protects Team 7

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