Naruto pin down
This technique creates multi-purpose black rods capable of receiving the user's chakra across vast distances.

Overview Edit Edit

Nagato was able to remotely control his Six Paths of Pain by implanting various receivers fashioned into piercings into their bodies. Subsequently, each Pain was able to produce additional receivers for offensive use.[7] The many animals Nagato summoned through theAnimal Path also had a number of these body piercings, suggesting that he may have controlled them in a similar manner. Obito later created his own Six Paths of Pain comprised entirely of reincarnated formerjinchūriki, using only one receiver per body.[8] The receivers also served to temporarily bind the chakra of the tailed beasts sealed inside the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to their former hosts, effectively making them jinchūriki once more.[9]

Chakra Receiver Manifestation