Kakuzu counting money
 (角都, Kakuzu) was an S-rank missing-nin fromTakigakure and a member of Akatsuki who was partnered with Hidan. Kisame Hoshigaki jokingly referred to them as the Zombie Combo (ゾンビコンビ,Zonbi Konbi),[3] due to the fact that, in a sense, they could not die. Within the organisation itself, Kakuzu acted as its treasurer.

Background Edit Edit

When under the servitude of Takigakure as an elite ninja, Kakuzu took on a mission to assassinateHashirama Senju, the First Hokage. This mission, however, ended in failure against the God of Shinobi. Despite the insurmountable danger faced on the mission, what awaited his return to his village was the stigma and harsh punishment associated with the failure of his objective. In response to this treatment, a wrong levied against a shinobi who had put life and limb on the line for his village, Kakuzu came to hold a violent hatred for Takigakure as he escaped from imprisonment. In his flight from the village, Kakuzu killed the village elders, took their hearts, and fled with knowledge of the village's most prized forbidden techniques.[1] He made a living off bounty hunting on the black market, and tearing out the still-beating hearts of powerful shinobi to extend his own lifespan and arsenal.[4]

Also at some time in the past, he apparently encountered the Gold and Silver Brothers and witnessedKinkaku's jinchūriki transformation.[5]

Some time after his defection, he became affiliated with, and joined, the criminal organisation, Akatsuki. During his early years in Akatsuki, he had four partners that he eventually ended up killing due to his short temper, and would come to use their hearts for his Earth Grudge Fear.[1] Eventually he found a new partner, Hidan who was convinced to join, taking an interest in Kakuzu, thinking of him as a pioneer of immortality. This made Hidan a perfect partner for Kakuzu as he could not be killed because of his own, similar immortality despite their mutual dislike of each other.[6]