Jujutsu • Shijihyouketsu is a Ninjutsu used by Akatsuki member Hidan. This Kinjutsu was the creation of the Jashin religion, an evil god cult of which Hidan is a member. As long as Hidan kills, his body will not die. This jutsu allows Hidan to inflict whatever damage his body takes onto his opponent. Hidan will first form a Jashin symbol on the ground. Hidan will next draw blood from his opponent; the usage of his ranged scythe will help in this step. He will then consume the blood of his opponent to begin the ceremony.

With the blood consumed his body will darken and form a skeletal deaths head outline on his body. Then by placing himself within the circle of the symbol, any damage he takes while within it will also be felt by the opponent whose blood he consumed. Hidan will use a pike to cause self-inflicted damage which transfers to his opponent. If he steps out of the circle, the connection ends and his opponent can damage him with no ill effects on themselves. Note that this technique does not appear to be tied to Hidan's general ability to not die. Keeping with his strict religious nature, if Hidan wins his battle he will finish out the technique with a thirty minute long prayer ceremony by laying on the symbol with the pike through his chest. With this process his body will lose its skeletal outline and it will regain its natural appearance. 

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