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Truth-Seeking Balls
 are spheres of malleable blackchakra composed of all five nature transformationsand Yin–Yang Release,[1][2] capable of negating all forms of ninjutsu.[3] Each is about the size of a fist and hides within the power to completely obliterate a forest.[1]

Usage Edit Edit

Once formed, these balls generally float in a circular formation behind the user's back, and each can be individually manipulated.[1] They are a type of technique that is always on standby, rather than activating from nothing.[4] The balls can be shapedinto a variety of forms, and the many natures comprising them can be combined to produce various effects.[1] Obito shaped the balls by having them pierce through holes that temporarily formed in his hands,[5] whereas other users forego this process.[6]They are able to serve a variety of functions, such as forming shields,[7] launching as high-speed projectiles,[8] and rapidly expanding to produce massive explosions.[9] As the chakra comprising them is highly durable, the balls can serve as an effective defence, only taking damage from extremely powerful techniques.[10] The black chakra can also seemingly be converted into chakra receivers to activate other techniques,[11] as well as used to create the legendary Sword of Nunoboko.[12]

The Truth-Seeking Balls are capable of using attacks that instantly turn their target to dust, promptingHiruzen Sarutobi to compare them to Dust Release, though he noted that their fluid nature allows them to serve both offensive and defensive purposes, and they can be maintained.[5] The balls can utilise Yin–Yang Release to nullify any ninjutsu they come in contact with; as a result, any damage done to areincarnated individual — who can usually regenerate infinitely — cannot be repaired, and said individual can die.[3] However, this nullification effect does not appear to be automatic, as Obito's Truth-Seeking Balls did not display it prior to him gaining controlover the Ten-Tails' power.[5] The balls can also quickly heal the user through contact,[13] glowing red while doing so in the anime.[14] Naruto's Truth-Seeking Balls are able to utilise his Six Paths Sage Chakra (六道の仙人チャクラ, Rikudō no Sennin Chakura) to effectively damage shadows in the invisible world of Limbo.[15]