Chibaku Nih

Chibaku Tensei-animeipics
Chibaku Tensei is a technique which is used through the Deva Path. Hagoromo Ōtsutsukinotoriously used it to create themoon and trap the Ten-Tails' bodyinside of it.

Usage Edit

The user releases a black sphere from their hands which acts as a centre of gravity, drawing in everything in its surroundings to create an enormous satellite-like construct. Though he noted that his usage was inferior to that of the Sage of the Six Paths, Nagato's use of this technique was strong enough to both hold out against aTailed Beast Ball and incapacitateNaruto Uzumaki in his six-tailed form, though it failed to contain Naruto after he transformed into his eight-tailed form. Despite this, Nagato implied that he would have to make an even larger sphere to compensate for Naruto's transformation.

Madara demonstrated the ability to create multiple satellites using this technique by simultaneously releasing several black spheres and then subsequently drop the satellites on targets below.

Drawbacks Edit

To perform this technique through one of his Six Paths of Pain, Nagato needed to bring his Deva Path in close proximity to his body so that he could channel his chakra to it more effectively. At low chakra levels, it placed a massive strain on his body which caused him to bleed from the mouth and nose. Because of this technique's attractive force, other techniques are also drawn to its centre. This trait can be used to destroy the satellite while it is still in the process of forming, though doing so requires the use of severalpowerful techniques.